Thursday, 26 April 2012

Ideals, urgh.

Ideal date

Ah, this brings me back a few months… Mel made me draw one, in a survey she handed me, but I always panic when asked questions like these, because I always change my mind. I know that whatever I choose, it will evidently not be my ideal. Like the question: what is your favourite food?
I will eventually write either a) what I want to eat at that moment or b) the first thing that pops into my mind.

"You have won: a life time's supply of your favorite food!"
"my favorite food... Tarantula!"
"okies...." *stares* "if thats what you like to eat.. "
"Wait, Nooooooe!!!"
Also, I am a realist, which to some people, means pessimist. Whist others fantasize about their wonderful ideals, I know that reality is never going to be as great, and we will always be left disappointed. Pessimistic, much? No. I like to fantasize about all the things that could possibly go wrong instead, which leaves room for improvement.

Take yesterday, for example. I was scheduled for a very minor nose operation. Basically, they burn the inside and veins of your nose. All week I dreaded it, imagining the pain, but when I finally had the procedure, of course it was fine. Just uncomfortable, and a bit suffocating, due to the numbing stuff that made my throat and gums go numb (is that supposed to happen? :// ), but fine.

Now, if I had fantasized about the wonderful-ness of the procedure, I would have been extremely disappointed, maybe would be too scared to go back for more nose-burning in five weeks time. But me being me, I’m fine; a bit disappointed at the lack of pain, I would've expected it to hurt more, but it was fine, totally fine.

Not Pink horse-drawn carriage ... :'(

So dudes and dudettes, stop idealizing something that’ll never happen, expect the worst case scenario, and when it goes good like it’s supposed to, you won’t be disappointed.

Ideal girlfriend/boyfriend/genderless-friend

This is an easy one: someone that doesn’t runaway when they realise what a weirdo I am. Chasing after them, tackling them to the ground, tieing them up and “silencing” them is too much effort.

I didn't tie her up....
But on a more serious note.. I don’t really do the ideal thing.. I like who I’m with at the moment, you could say that she’s my ideal girlfriend at the moment. I don’t have anything I want to change about her, she’s perfect just the way she is, and changing her would make Mel not Mel, and move her away from the ideal.. does my logic make sense? I hope so..

Ideal boyfriend… a male version of Mel? Mel with a penis? …now that’s a weird thought. I think my taste leans towards girls, or the feminine features..

*gets a phone call*

“What? An asteroid? Heading straight to earth?I.. I better evacuate then!”

*Flys away on magic pink bouncy ball*

Eli x

- I'm tired. The post was getting too awkward, I had to stop, I was starting to soundlike a perverted old man, considering transvestite prostitutes (no offence okie, it’s totally ok for you, just not for me). Sowwwweeee *bows Asian-apology-style* >.<

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