Sunday, 6 May 2012

Guest Post - "In Retrospect, this post sucks."

I like to take a no bullshit approach to life, it seems to work. If at any given moment my position strays from the equilibrium (b—e—b where b = bullshit and e = equilibrium) I stop participating. When you realize that something has no effect on your life, it hits you like a brick. Whether it be a person, TV show, book series (not looking at Twilight fans) or an addiction, once you see that time is being wasted by interacting and/or participating, you close the book (seriously, Twilight fans).

This has been the case for me with many things. I used to watch Hollyoaks until one day I brought myself to say wtf and turn off the TV. Nowadays I rarely watch TV, not least because I access current affairs viapaper and Android apps. I took up photography, it’s working out brilliantly. I used to eat a lot of junk food through the course of the week, but after my budget expanded, I changed them to fruit. I like fruit. This particular example is quite specific, as ‘my budget expanding’ means ‘I am finally out of debt’ but you get the idea. A few times I just ran home from work because I got bored of cycling. It is possible you need an impulsive personality with a spice of instability in the family demographic.

However, the point remains unchanged: if you respect yourself and possess common sense, you will ensure you live a better and more fulfilling life. Right? Err…this is what makes me sad. Some people do not seem to have enough brainpower to even understand what common sense is. Another thing, there’s a lot of them.
So this post has now turned from a short boast to a longer boast about my superiority to others in correlation to one of the blog's previous themes (referring to gay-bashing)! Yeah, I’m arrogant like that. I don’t mean to say that you suck per se, but I would probably ignore you.

Do you see, dear reader, what I am doing? This is what gay-bashing or any form of discrimination and bullying feels like. Arrogant people like to maintain their arrogant ego, so consciously or unconsciously they will try to maintain their position. They won’t pick on their equals or anyone stronger - that would not boost their self-esteem and of course there’s a lower chance of success. They pick weak targets as scape goats - or at least seemingly weak targets.

Being honest, I personally do not care about gay-bashing; I've been bullied for having ginger hair – that is far worse as it starts at a much younger age. By the time you realise you’re gay (or others around you) it is most likely that you will have the tools and common sense (there it is again) to respond. If not…read this blog? Having read the posts, there are enough words and phrases that develop into tips and hints to be incorporated into your activities.

I realise my paragraphs do not flow like an A* Sociology essay, but I believe there’s food for thought.

Keep thinking, be the Devil’s Advocate.

Stokysta out.


  1. I don't believe you have permission to use this particular piece...

    1. would you like us to remove it?

      ...tho, it will leave a gap in our blog :'(


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