Saturday, 9 June 2012

The Royal Puppets, paid to entertain us

This will be a short post because not only do I not have much time, but,  if you read that silly post last Sunday, you will be aware that I am not thrilled about the "Jubilee" theme; in fact, I quote "please kill me now!"

Of course I am not actually suicidal about it, I simply dislike the Royal Family and what they represent. I mean, many asked "what exactly do they do?" The need to ask that question shows exactly how little this family, whom everyone worships, does; except for appearing in public and reading stuff other people wrote for them, they just smile and wave. The Royal Family is only a source of publicity (see image on the right). This publicity may encourage people to do more charity work, sure, but mostly it encourages people to spend hideous amounts of money on events such as "The Jubilee"  or "The Royal Wedding". Let's all bring society and the whole economy to a halt for a week so that we can all stand in awe in front of these strangers whose family once had an active role in society but now are mere puppets doing what they are told to do. Fascinating. What exactly is the point of celebrating how long this woman has being "ruling" over us?

Smile and wave, she looks so happy.

You may think that maybe I am not being fair, maybe they do have a role and I am just not aware of it. Well, dear reader, I thought about that and did my research. Feel free to click on this link for example:
As I was reading I couldn't help but notice the incredibly annoying repetition of sentences such as "official engagements", now what exactly are these? Just a fancy name for "they appear in public to make people happy" , because it makes it sound more important. Don't believe me? Read on, show me where any other "official engagement" is mentioned.

Ah, but my favourite is this one: "When official events such as receptions, State banquets and garden parties are held, the Royal Family supports The Queen in making her guests welcome." Well, bravo! Notice how the word "official" is carefully placed in there again?

If this isn't enough, make sure you know just how much they are doing for their country:
"2,000: the number of official engagements carried out by the Royal Family each year in the UK and overseas.
70,000: the number of people entertained each year to dinners, lunches, receptions and garden parties at the Royal residences.
100,000: the number of letters received and answered each year by the Royal Family."
If that is not impressive I don't know what is! They have to deal with  mysterious "official engagements", entertain people AND sign letters! Honestly, how could we ever live without them.

The Royal Family is nothing but a symbol, something that once was, a tradition. I understand that some love this tradition like our little Mel, others support it due to the income they receive, the tourists it attracts. It is true, many people spend lots of money for these events, but wait, I thought we were dealing with the recession and trying to save every penny possible? Is this what we are saving for? To put boats on the Thames?

I confess that the link above is pretty much all the research I bothered to do, but there is more information on that website if you are outraged at my post and want to throw facts at me to prove me wrong. I will await anxiously. Until then, I really cannot be bothered to dedicate  any more of my precious time to the Royal Family (although I do agree with the whole concept of "any excuse is valid to partey" - yes, spelt it like that on purpose).


Miu xx

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  1. She also tweets...!/Queen_UK Rather amusing, actually >.<

  2. Have you seen the teeshirts, 'Thanks for the day off'?

    Also the argument about official engagements is that it leaves our government to do the actual work....Obama and whoever travel the world. Queenie gives Cameron a break. I don't know how valid that argument is....

    I just think the royal family are cute, encourage great shows of human unity, raise money for charity and bring in tourism.

  3. Well, of course they are not COMPLETELY useless, or there would be no reason to keep them. Just saying they don't actually DO anything, and I just dislike them :)


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