Friday, 11 January 2013

Journalists: stop ruining my fantasies

 "LGBTQS celebs, is it really our business?"

Yeash, for the most part, we think it's our business. Celebs are on our tele, in out movies, or newspapers... and on our bedroom walls, some of us spend more time looking at their gorious (?) faces than we spend time with our own mothers. But it is one sided, and reading their gossip makes us feel like we are involved in their lives, that we're getting to know them....

But as much as I like the gossip, I am against it for a number of reasons.. Firstly, the effects it has to the celeb's lives...

"Ellen Page has been forced to turn to the LAPD for help after two Twitter users began threatening to KILL her over the social networking site…and once, even by phone" 

and Secondly,  it kinda ruins it for me to know..

Take for example Justin Bieber.. (urgh, I knows, but it was the only person I could think of at short notice). Apon looking at his picture, one may think "Noms, a baby-dyke"..

Then you find out....

N'aw, a cute lesbian couple.. 

And then..
Wait.. What... He' male?

*sighs* Fantasies ruined. 

byes for now, 
eli x

ps: I think JB and selena have broken up.. not sure.. not that it matters... *shift eyes* 


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