Friday, 4 May 2012

All the guys I like are straight... :(

Getting your straight best friend to like you in that sort of way is never going to be easy for any gay man. Or woman, for that matter. Unfortunately for me (and, dare I say, probably most of the gay population), it seems to be the only thing I ever end up doing, and all just to be repeatedly disappointed, let down and depressed when they kick you in the face after a trip to the toilet gone too far (this has not happened to me, I hasten to add).

Here's my situation. Since realising I was gay many moons ago, I've found myself crushing on at least 3 of my best friends, and many more random people I walk past on a daily basis in the corridor but have neither spoken to nor discovered their names. I *think* I've only ever told one of those friends how I feel towards him, and it doesn't seem to have dented our friendship in the slightest; it only makes those awkward moments at sleepovers all the more awkward by the occasional presense of an erection. Of the other two friends: one is in a sweet and loving relationship with a girl which unfortunately for me doesn't look like it's going to end any time soon; the other, a catholic who despite not minding the fact that I'm gay, refuses to stay alone in the same room with me without an open door through which he can escape should I decide to rape him, which despite my feelings for him, is unlikely. And now I won't say any more because anybody who knows me well enough can probably figure out who these three are.
True dat.
Even though I know that these three people are straight, in my youthful past that didn't stop me from trying my luck out anyway, despite knowing that I'd just get rejected and depressed. This has led to the following situations developing:
  1. At least one of my straight crushes claims he's now been asked out by more boys than girls.
  2. A certain awkwardness now dominates the atmosphere when I'm around at least one of my straight crushes, particularly when the conversation turns to something gay or relationship-related (which is always).
Perhaps I'm the wrong person to give advice on these sorts of things, mainly because of my shocking lack of success and/or experience in the relationships department. I stand by Jelly Babies and Vodka as being the best way for you to get what you want and when you want it.

And if what you want really is your straight best friend inside you, be sure to get them pissed out of their minds first.

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