Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Masturbation month, woop!

Apologies everyone for the EXTREEEME lateness, This week Mel and I have swapped posting days, in order to better accommodate our exam timetables. But I’ve been hooked up to my kindle for 9 and a half hours, face down in my bed,  listening to the audio book of “1984”. I have my English exam tomorrow. *sighs*. We exam students are unfortunate as to not be able to experience the pleasure of this month, but alas, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy it…..

The blog I got this from starts with.. "Allison Roh Park was 14 the first time she saw a man masturbating across from her on the subway..."
What is masturbation?

Well, one way of putting it, is “to have sex with yourself”, which… isn’t really the correct term, as you can do it in the company of others too.. the vulgar and blunt way of putting it, would be the manual stimulation of your genitals.

Don’t let the way I define it put you off… it supposively feels nice J

So how does one do this act?

Well dear reader, that is a delicate matter… people like different things, and also everyone has different things that rock their boat.. like eating ice-cream.. everyone has their favourite flavour, and different ways of eating it… oui?

Now, it would be ever-so awkward for me to tell you a detailed “how-to”… and I don’t think I’d be able to keep it PG, so, here’s some useful websites:

For girlies… The-clitoris.com 

For maleies…. www.mens-sexual-health.org/

Is it normal?
86.9% of males aged 18-19 and 66% of females aged 18-19 admitted masturbating at least once in their lifetime.  (Statistics from the Kinsey institute)

So *ahem*, obviously, this is not something to be embarrassed  about… more people masturbate than there are non-straight people…

What’s more, it looks like masturbation has stopped being just a singular act by the lonesome, people are masturbating with others too… there was also a survey (by the same institute), about masturbating with other people…
49.3% of males aged 18-19 and 38.8% of females aged 18-19 admitted to have done so in their lifetimes…

Now, that doesn’t seem to be very many, but if you look down the column at the “age 25-29” range, the number has increased to 69% of males and 64% of females , which is more than half of those questioned!!

Other statistics from the webbie
But watch out Porn-lovers

In the UK, there may be a law passed very soon, that makes internet providers censor “Adult content” (quick, google this for more info), and make it necessary for people to “opt-in” to view adult content. For you to be able to continue to watch your favourite pornos online, you have to convince your parents…
Ah, the awkwardness for youngens to come makes me laugh… BUT, one thing that does worry me, is the awfully frequent amount of times that we’ve used words such as PENIS, and LESBIANS… Will our blog be censored too? Will I have to ask my mother nicely to “opt-in” to view “Adult content”?  I worry.

Yours worrisomely,
Eli x

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