Thursday, 3 May 2012

Straight Crushes, and Pictures of Prince Poppycock

This is Prince Poppycock. Sadly, not me. 
What does one mean when they say “Straight Crushes”?
     a) When you fancy someone of the opposite sex
     b) When you fancy someone that’s straight, but you’re the same gender

Shall talk about a) first.

So, you’re gay, you’re out, you’re proud, and everybody knows you’re gay. But suddenly, you find yourself liking someone of the opposite gender. Panic.

You begin to wonder: Am I really gay? And sexual confusion kicks in .

The problem with these labels and stereotypes that we put on ourselves: sometimes, you’re so so sure that you fit in a box, and then BOOM, you changed shape, and now your body doesn’t fit in that box.

There is such a thing as “HOMOFLEXIBLE”.

ah, farmy animals <3
This is for people who are gay (or lesbian, or whatever you homosexuals like to call yourselves - I like the word “gay” better), who recognise, even though they are 99.9% sure that they are gay, that there might be the odd exception to their gayness, and a special person of the opposite sex may woo them.

So no need to worry folks, maybe that person is your ‘special exception’. And even though it is cheesy, I’m going to quote Marley “Don’t worry be happy”, and also just “go with the flow”(I don’t know where this quote came from). Do what feels right, and don’t think about it too much. If it turns out you're not that gay, it doesn't matter :)

Now, shall talk about b).

"I've met this wonderful guy, but he's straight... and I'm a gay guy..." I hate it when that happens :'( 

some princes like other princes
Life isn't always like fairy tales, unlike how we were led to believe when we were young. It's not always Princes and Princesses; some princes like other princes, and some princesses want their happily-ever-afters with other princesses. However, that doesn't mean that all princes want to rescue another prince, and sweep him off his feet; and that doesn't mean that all princesses want to be rescued by another dress-clad beauty. The happy ending doesn't happen, because you met the wrong prince or princess. You're gay, and they're not. 

Don't hit me, for saying this, but it's never happened to me.. That being said, I’ve fancied many-a-people who were “confused”, some worked, some didn’t. That’s life. Even when they’re into your gender, doesn’t mean they’re into you. Knowing that they’re straight just makes acceptance of the fact that it won’t work out, easier to deal with.

Also, if you don’t go for it, you’d never know whether you have a chance or not. A mistake I make often.

Even if it is widely known that they are “straight”, they may have just said this, to go along with public expectations and normality. They might be in the closet.

Sexual Harassment Panda, Meet Peewee
Sexual Harassment Panda

That being said, it’s probably not a good idea to just jump on them, and start face-sucking them. You don't want your ass kicked, or be charged with sexual harassment. Maybe say something that can be easily brushed off if all goes badly.
Advice 1: if it’s a no, it’s a no, move on. Don’t push too hard
Advice 2: stay away from trying to woo homophobes, you'll only get hurt.

Eli x

You know the drill, feel free to email us, and comment, and give us loads and loads and loads of feedback, so we can improve and become better homojournalists :)

This is Poppycock again :)

The source of Prince Poppycock's pictures =
Read the article/ interview, if you must.


  1. The 2nd picture made me laugh so hard I spat milkshake all over my laptop, and that looked really really dodgy. XD


  2. Hehe, I'm glad you enjoyed it xD


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