Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Bleached Blonde Badassery and High IQs

So, in a twist of fate or one of the homojournalists warped sense of ironic humour, the theme for week five is straight crushes.  Being a bisexual female, I’m going to assume straight crushes are my male ones. Being an international baccalaureate student with a fetish for colour coding (see fetishes, week 3) and a love of data processing I have made a Venn diagram.
Mel's straight crushes
As you can see my straight crushes fall into 3 main categories, the good looking, the intelligent, and the distinguished older males, although many of them overlap. Well I don’t really know what else to say. I have a taste for guys with bleached hair, quick wit and badassery, so sue me.

Having said all this, in real life I tend to fall for guys I am close friends with, and the ones that are mean to me. I can’t say why that is, I suspect many girls fall into the same trap. I reckon it’s because I like to test my ego and self confidence out constantly. Life is just no fun if you get away with everything. I need a little....bite in my relationships.

Sorry for the short post folks, In the middle of exams (doomdoomdoomdoom). But as always we’re happy to hear your comments, thoughts, and suggestions. We’re still accepting guest posts (see our spiffy link is at the top of this page) and I’d like to hear confirmation that my straight crushes are normal, so write in with yours!

Lots of Love,
Mel (the hot one) x

PS. Moriarty, all male homojournalists and Captain Harkness went without saying, so weren't included in the diagram.

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