Saturday, 5 May 2012

Straight-crushes? But I am straight!

Ah, this is a topic I have loads to talk about! All my life I've had straight crushes, in fact, I'm even in a relationship with one! Is that not amazing?

No, you are right, it is not. Since I AM straight, I will dedicate myself to talking about gay-crushes, 'cause we all know normality is boring and I am sure you are way more interested in reading about awkward and embarrassing moments - well tough 'cause I don't have any embarrassing moments to dwell on.

My life doesn't happen to revolve around gays (yes I know I am the mascot of a gay group, yes lots of my friends are gay, yes I am an avid homo-journalist... your point being?)

I have never had a gay-crush! Well, not a real one at least. Sure, there are plenty of gay guys out there who are just plain hot and I would love to attempt to make them change their mind, I've just never actually met one. Now you might have seemed surprised, or cringed, or were just plain indignant, about my suggestion that it is possible to turn someone from gay to straight and viceversa (or maybe you just really don't care). Nonetheless, I am a true believer that no one is 100% anything (yes, you too!). I think we are all inherently bisexuals, though the extent of this may vary. As I am sure you have read in my first post (if not you better go and read it now!), I consider my self to be 99% straight, leaving that 1% out there just in case. Call yourself homoflexible, queer, or bi-curious, whatever the label, it really is not important. It is also not something to be ashamed of. I call my self straight just because I have no particular interest  in girls and I would never go out with one (or not one that I have encountered up until now), but you'll learn more about  that in days to come. Nevertheless, I would not mind having sexual interactions with a girl, if I felt like it in that moment, which is something my boyfriend very much appreciates as it means I am open to girl threesomes *rolls eyes*. Why is it that guys like the idea of girls getting off with each other anyways? Ok, so I guess some girls get off on gay sex too, but I still don't get it, so please comment or e-mail with an explanation. Thanks!

Back to the theme, I have never been interested in a guy or girl who has no interest in the female gender. Although for some time I thought I had a crush on a gay guy... Good thing it turned out he wasn't! Let me give you some advice, just because a friend of yours may tell you they are gay, it doesn't mean they are. So what to do when you are in doubt? Go up to them and just ask "are you gay/straight"? Cause that wouldn't be awkward at all. It depends on the person really. The options are two:

 a) he gets really annoyed at you for implying he is gay/straight and never talk to you again.

Congratulations you have now hurt his manly pride and he will cry himself to sleep for at least a fortnight and will spend the rest of his life desperately trying to affirm his masculinity (or gayness?). This person will be either a homophobe, in which case you should stay away on principle (who would want to go out with a homophobe? You better say no or I don't know what you are doing here); or he is gay and is now terrified that his secret is out (have you never seen glee?)

Guy on left had been bullying guy on right for being gay

So you can understand his surprise

b) He laughs and answers your question telling you just how many people think so.

Depending on the answer you can now move on to the next step (whatever that may be).

If you happen to fancy someone who is not interested in your sex, you can spend the rest of your life trying to get them to change their mind, but this may lead to them possibly hating you. Try to put yourself in their shoes: what if someone had a straight crush on me? I have to say this has never happened to me, and I confess it makes me feel oddly disappointed - why can't a girl fancy me? what is wrong with me?? But putting my ego aside, is it really that much different than a friend (who you will always just consider a friend) liking you?

Don't go all suicidal if you like someone who doesn't share your sexuality, there are plenty of fish in the sea and no one said they would've liked you anyway so get over yourself. Do you like someone that is not your "preferred" gender? So what. It happens, they are obviously just an amazing person and you might want to try it anyways, who knows what you might discover.

So if you are freaking about one of the above, just chill - all will be fine… Because I'll still be here next week ;)


Miu xx

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