Wednesday, 16 May 2012

So, when did you tell your parents you’re straight?

It’s not a phrase you hear very often is it? I’m of the opinion it shouldn’t really matter what anyone else’s sexuality is to you, unless you’re trying to hit on them, in which case ask as discretely as possible beforehand to avoid any “dude, I’m gay” moments. Unless you are confident enough in your abilities to attract whomever you wish, but I doubt any of you even come close to me in that respect bitches.

Perhaps it matters a lot more if you think loved ones might have a problem with it, if so, you’re in for a lot of heartbreak, but it’s right to let them know as soon as you feel comfortable. Telling them outright can avoid dramatic scenes form distraught parents, failed exorcisms and blind dates.

Maybe one day in the future, when the eleventh dimension has been discovered and the second season of firefly finally airs, coming out will be a thing of the past.  No one will have a problem with homosexuality, or any other kind of sexuality. Gayness will become an integral part of our culture to the extent where you don’t just assume a person is straight.

Until that day readers,
Todostrieb…sorry this was so short, IB :’(

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