Thursday, 19 April 2012


I wish.
You should probably know this already, but in case you have forgotten, I shall tell you. This week is strange fetish week. *does crazy dancing*

What Is A Fetish?
I’m sure many of you already have images in their mind as to what would qualify as a ‘Strange fetish’, but we in homojournal HQ had some trouble actually coming up with a  fitting and yet satisfying definition. I was sure that I’d read somewhere that a fetish for something (ie elbows), meant that that poor fetish-holder NEEDED that something in order for them to get-off. But others were not satisfied with that definition, and I certainly was not going to go through all of my collection of erotica from over the years to find that passage from which I had obtained all my fetish ideologies. It would take me too long. And I can’t risk asking someone for assistance, for fear of mentally scaring them for life. How disappointing. Sorry for the vague definition, you get the picture though, oui?

yus.. this is my fetish.. :)
Is It Ok To Have A Fetish?
I think it’s perfectly acceptable to have a fetish, and most fetishes are completely ok, as long as they don’t involve the harm of anyone or of any animals. If you have fetishes that involve such things, it’s probably a good idea to go see a psychiatrist.. but there are pleanty of good ways of venting out..  looking at hentai manga and anime online, using Japanese sex-dolls – they are very realistic, reading erotica…

These days, the interwebs is such that it can cater to ANY of your strange fetishes. Just a few clicks of a button will find you a number to call for an appointment to clean a lady's house, naked except for an adult dyper, while she watches you judging and commanding; if that suits your fancy. There are also thousands of online galleries to satisfy you momentarilly, from the very common shoe-fetish, to fetishes for religious and sacred objects (Hierophillia)... and weirder.
Apparently it feels good..

As long as there is no harm being caused to ANYONE, or minors, I repeat, it’s probably ok J

How do I tell people?
Now, the slight problem is that others, who are less understanding, will think you’re weird. Like the example James brought forward earlier in the week, about the fish lady.. if you have an elbow fetish, or you really really like trees, when is the right time to tell people?

I have no idea. It’s probably best to not tell people. We Brits don’t really go around talking about our sex lives (ok, maybe we do… but at least we don’t with family… i.e. grandmas), and no body really needs to know, unless they’re you’re sex partner.

does this need a caption?
If it’s your partner, it might not be a good idea to suddenly start licking their feet spontaneously, or rubbing yourself against his or her elbow. It’s probably best to say things outside of the bedroom, just mention it casually, see how she/he reacts, and go from there. If they’re not understanding, and they start freaking out and screaming, you know they’re probably not for you. Time to move on.

Now I’ve lost my ‘normal’ girlfriend, what do I do?
Fetish clubs! You’re most likely to find people who have similar fetishes, or like to be on the receiving end of them fetishes, in fetish clubs. You can probably find out locations of them on the internet. In London, I’ve heard that there is an event twice a month (I think) called “erotica” that has loads of stools for your sexy needs, and also live demonstrations of Japanese rope-tieing.

If fetish clubs don’t work, you can try online formns, but you have to be careful, you don’t know what kind of perverts can be hanging around there :///  some may be worse than you…

eli x

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