Sunday, 29 April 2012

Survey results: Describe your ideal girlfriend, boyfriend or date.

This week, we asked 10 sixth formers at our college the question: “Describe your ideal girlfriend, boyfriend or person to date”. Here are the results of our survey:
Person no. 1 (male)
  • Hot
  • Genuine
  • Honest
  • Smart
  • Not gay
  • Rather funny
  • Likes ice-cream
  • Bit of a sket
  • Has peng friends that I can get with, when I’ve had enough
  • Most important = 6 o’clock
Person no. 2 (male)
I’m bi first and formost. My ideal boyfriend is someone I can really talk to, but also hunky and sexy. The same for my ideal girlfriend, but for girls, they just need to have a very low number of bitchy friends; what a girl that would be :D

Person no.3 (female)

  • Makes me laugh
  • Kind and nice
  • Funny
  • (6 packs)
  • Good looking/ handsome
Person no. 4 (male)
  • Tenderness
  • Watching “Totoro” on the couch together <3
  • Exceptionally intelligent
  • Doesn’t mind being cared about unconditionally, doesn’t mind showing the same
Person no. 5 (male)
For a boyfriend:
  • Shiney blond hair
  • Medium sized mouth
  • Wide nose (not pointy)
  • Not too muscley
  • Not too hairy (some allowed)
  • Not into female pop-stars
For a girlfriend:
  • Moderate tits (small > big)
  • Small teeth (not horse-like)
  • Bigger eyes
  • Not overly shy
  • Not too thick
Person no. 6 (male)
  • Nice
  • Kind
  • Peng
  • Can take a joke or two
  • Strong-willed
  • Nice face
Person no. 7 (female)
Looks are not a huge factor, but personality-wise, they need to be individual, sure of themselves, and I think an element of mystery about a person is romantic and intriguing. Overall they need to be a nice person, individual and interesting to get to know. They will always be difficult to describe, as it depends on how well we interact.

Person no. 8 (female)

  • Interesting person
  • Independent opinions
  • Not afraid of an argument but willing to compromise
  • Good sense of humour
  • Athletic
  • Too good looking is not a deal breaker
Person no. 9 (female)
  • Funny
  • Interesting
  • Adventurous
  • Understanding
  • Laid back
  • Good looking (but that is down to taste)
  • Not too clingy or possessive
Person no. 10 (female)
  • Funny
  • Taller than me
  • Not too skinny, not too fat, not a body builder
  • Someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, and isn’t insecure
  • I have to be attracted to them (personality + looks)
  • Caring
Basically, it appears that most people's ideals tend to be a) someone they find attractive and b) somone they can enjoy being with and communicating with.... who would've guessed, huh?

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