Friday, 6 April 2012

Seems I'm the only gay in the village....

On a blog called 'homo-journal'. Funny that...

Anyways, hi all, welcome to Friday on HJ! I'm Rory, and I'm 18, gay, and completely obsessed with Music and Film and TV. When I'm not being depressed/stressing/drinking beer/eating chocolate/a combination of those 4, you'll probably find me at the piano, writing music, or obsessing fanboying over shows like Doctor Who and Sherlock, although I personally don't think I'm obsessed. Every Friday I'm going to offer up my views on pretty much anything, LGBT related or not, and I promise I'll try and make it vaguely humourous...

So, this week's theme is Stereotypes. I HATE stereotypes to the point where even hearing the word makes me shudder. A lot of people argue that they can be useful, temporarily, but if after a while they become useless, then what's the point of them in the first place? It's a bit like when you shopping for a new TV or something. You go shopping to buy a TV you can use for ever and ever until the bloody thing becomes too old and decrepid to stand up on its own, er, stand. You don't go and buy a TV temporarily until it no longer suits your needs....... do you?

They cause more harm than good, too, as far as I'm concerned. Seriously, coming out (more on that in a couple of weeks time) would have been so much easier if there weren't any bloody stereotypes. I also think that they're far too generic to fit even one person, let alone a whole bunch of people. And it's not as if they serve any purpose either... Let's be serious, when was the last time stereotypes were used to benefit someone? I cannot think of an example. Which kinda proves my point: they're stupidly pointless. And the reason why they're pointless, is that everybody is so different, that there's no such thing as 'normal'. Reminds me of the saying "everybody's a foreigner somewhere in the world."

Having said all that, though, I must admit that I do have some of the 'gay'-stereotypes.... I absolutely despise pretty much all forms of sport (taking part and watching >.<), and I'm a pretty artsy sort of guy; I get involved in a lot of music and drama, and probably also too much film and tv  for my own good. And I'm a complete sucker for musicals, they're pretty much the best thing since Doctor Who. But, apart from that, I wouldn't say I'm particularly stereotypically gay.

So, that's all for this week from me, tomorrow's the turn of our straight 'mascot', Miu. Don't forget to leave a comment, and follow our blog, or send us an e-mail at Most importantly, is that you don't forget to join us again next week when we get to do it all again (god, I sound like a TV presenter....)

See you next week!

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