Sunday, 8 April 2012

Quantum homo mechanics? - Our Guest Slave Jake

I’m Jake. This is the first time I’ve ever really talked about the existence or non-existence of my homo or “bi-ness” to anyone other than my hamster Sid.

Sid agrees with me that if I had lead a different life (or been present in a different reality) I may never had fallen in love with the big arms and the hairy chests. Still, it took me many girlfriends to realise the female scorn for masculine emotional literacy wasn’t really what I needed.

I, among with some of the other bi-sexuals, have come to understand the bizarre fascination and hatred that those ‘of heterosexual origin’ have for us ‘strange breed’. It stands to reason that the way the majority feels must be the correct way of feeling, and that anything other is subnormal.

There is not much I can say to that argument above. However if I enjoy playing with men and having men play with me, then I don’t mind being a subcategory! I can just feel happy that while every homophobic man shudders at the thought, I can turn it into pleasure.

Easter. My parents love it. My dad especially loves commenting on the sub-human nature of homosexuals. I’m still saving this homo bombshell from his only son for another argument... for a time when I leave home.

I can’t say it doesn’t get to me - that I haven’t told my family - I only really tell my friends if they ask. Many do not think that I am even remotely homo, and if I am then I must hide it really well. I hide because I have to, not because I want to.

Still counting the seconds to the revolution brothers and sisters!

Keep on loving.
Jake xXx

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