Thursday, 12 April 2012


Ah, the joys of being gay bashed… being called fag, pervert, queer, faggot, gaylord… and irrationally beaten.. it definitely has to be one of the perks of being gay. It’s why so many people choose to be gay or lgbtq: the hating and the abuse.


Mostly, homophobia and extreme homophobia is a result of pure ignorance. Perhaps we should inform them each time they’re mean, pull out your the Joys Of Being Gay A-Z Guide, and follow them relentlessly. This works the best if you can manage to sneak up on them while they’re in the school loo cubicles. Just whisper through the walls…

If that doesn’t work, we need to get onto Plan B: a big school assembly, where we show straight anal sex, gay anal sex, and lesbian strap-on anal sex videos, to show that everything is as grim as each other, why discriminate?

Obviously, a very relevant picture.. I did't just add it here because I liked it...
Although, in hindsight, that might not be as good an idea as I’d imagined when I came up with it. It’ll probably get me expelled, or suspended… then I would be forced to go into the porn industry to earn my livings, or worse, I may end up in McDonalds. I shall have to reconsider.

I, personally, like other homojournalists, haven’t had much experience with gay-bashing. The only person who I’ve remotely been gay-bashed by would be my younger brother, but he stopped when I said to him one day “I think I might be gay…” . Though the stoppage may be because we’re no longer on speaking terms…

My point is, the shouts of “GAY” and “FAGGOT” doesn’t seem to be intentionally a homophobic hate crime, its just as stupid as the shouts of “FUCK OFF”.. the swear words don’t really make sense. As was mentioned earlier, just laughing at them works, although, I sometimes fear that that technique led to me reverse-psychologically-bullying my brother. Personally, I love the word gay, it's a very joyous and colourful word, saying "..and PROUDDD!" in a sing-song voice with a bit of swagger (you know what I mean... if not, you disappoint me), may be an idea, why be ashamed? Questioning it also amuses me.. “what is a faggot? Who is off? Do you think I’d fancy him or her? Maybe I’d fuck her…”.

JennaMarbles youtube vid "How to avoid talking to people you don't want to talk to", will be useful to you guys.. her technique definitely can be applied here.

I haven't really addressed the violence, I don't know whether I can; but I have been midget-bashed before. I was blessed with shortness. I found that the more I fought it (and I was a very violent midget), the more they seemed to get a thrill out of the bullying. Even though I kicked, scratched and punched them, and they bled, they still came back. Perhaps it’s the adrenaline rush? I have no idea. But as soon as I stopped fighting it, and just stood there with a bank look on my face every time, they soon got bored and found their next victim to play with.

CCTV footage :'(

So for petty gay-bashing:

  1. Be in your own world, don’t acknowledge them. Just stand there, and show them no sign of being distressed, or bothered by it
  2. Laugh at them, to yourself.. . but only if you want to annoy them. Be careful. I have had a knife pointed at me once due to this..
  3. Pull a weird face, like in the jennamarbles' vid
And if you’re feeling adventurous, lean forward, whisper in their ear “people tend to go through a really homophobic phase, right before they finally accept they’re gay, and come out”, and proceed to drag them into the nearest closet. They’ll run, or might get to have fun <3

For serious gay-bashing, when these people look REALLY dodgy, just try to get the hell away, as soon as possible.

You don't want to end up like one of the many bashed and dead. Type in "gay-bashing" into google images. Its horrifying.

Eli x

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  1. Hey girl we are in sync! I may have to change my post now lol

    Miu xx

    PS I do love Jenna!


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