Saturday, 14 April 2012

Man-up! If they don't want gay... be as gay as you can be!

I am sure we all know that the only thing more irritating than someone annoying you accidentally is someone annoying you deliberately. At which point you just feel like either stuffing yourself with antidepressants (and cake) or taking out your alarmingly-crotch-height guillotine as revenge. But have you ever been on the "dark side"? How many times have you done something just because you were told not to? I know I have, plenty of times! Especially with James. Let me explain.

James sometimes (always) talks. Now sometimes (often) people ignore him. This makes James really frustrated because he has something really interesting to say, but people keep interrupting him (!). Finally he shouts: "Stop cutting me off! I'm trying to say something" (you should hear him, it is very funny). Anyways… James has finally got the attention he wanted and having gotten everyone to SHUT UP, he starts again: "As I was trying to say-" and once again he is promptly interrupted; but this time deliberately, maliciously  and hence, most irritatingly. It is quite entertaining to watch (ok, yes, I do it all the time).  And we keep going until his face looks like this

*sobs* Why won't they stop? I want mummy!

Ok, ok so maybe he looks  more like this…

If you don't stop now I'm going to murder you!

Oh lol… Wait what was the point of this? Ah yes, why not do the same with Gay-bashers? After all, you know what they say

Then again, having seen that second face (or keeping in mind that guillotine) you might want to reconsider. Although there is the lucky possibility of them running away crying because you are unaffected by their pathetic insults, you may also end up just making them angry and beating the crap out of you :D So before you decide to take on this approach, my advise is to consider who you are dealing with. If it is a short-tempered tall muscly guy who could crush you with one finger than you might want to lay low.

Nevertheless, you may also decide to toughen up, work out and build yourself an unbreakable character to go up to that bully and make him wished he never crossed your path muahahah. Hey don't judge me you'll understand if you look at this!


Oh come on! Did you not think that was amazing!? :D

Sure, if you are not the violent type you can always take on a more… loving approach?

Oh boy, can you really say that with a straight (non-sarcastic) face?

I just came across this article on the guardian app thingy on Facebook and… I have no words. I find it really appalling. "London buses have been booked to carry a Christian advertising campaign expected to start next week, which asserts the power of therapy to change the sexual orientation of gay people."

I mean, are you fucking serious!? I think this is one of those things that arise from ignorance as my fellow bloggers have already said and its people that just refuse to open their minds and think otherwise. It is something that makes me really sad… I mean, take for example the fact that they expressly support a practice that has been deemed, by every respectable psychiatric in the world, abusive and ineffective. Is that something that free speech covers? Advertising in favour of abuse? Maybe so, but is it something we as consumers should tolerate? The fact that a company would allow that type of advertising...

Although gay-bashers may be scary, one ought to remember that, as with all bigotry, the thing that gay bashers are - more than ignorant, more than stupid - is frightened. I mean "homoPHOBIA", it's right there in the bloody name! They are frightened because they are ignorant, and because they are frightened they are dangerous, nasty and angry.

The "solution" to this problem, for society, could be to alleviate their fear through education and (not to be too grim about it) indoctrination (the good kind). However, for the individual facing this problem, his or her solution is obvious - you frighten them, so get frightening.

We are always here for any advice (though I do not guarantee it would be good), but that's all for today. Don't forget I'll be back next week!


Miu xx

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  1. Our knight-in-shiny-white-hair (Boris) has banned those ads from being shown. It raises an interesting topic for a future week though, there are lots of queer correction camps in America still. I think the homojournalists need to go undercover and bring them down.

  2. I know, I was about to say that! Unfortunately I came across the article before they managed to stop it. But we can still be horrified at how close that was to happening D:
    You go and pretend you need to be corrected I'll pretend i want to help the corrections and SBAM! we'll close them down in no time! of course you will have to go insane and we'll both end up killing ourselves out of fake guilt but the outcome should be worth it!


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