Sunday, 8 April 2012

A guest post from lav

Finally, I have a chance to introduce myself, my name is Lavender. Eli may have mentioned having an alter ego at 13, well Lavender was mine. I'm not yet 18, but I'm definitely getting closer. I honestly didn't think I'd have a chance to blog on the all mighty homo-journal though I confess I've been here all along.

I'm the stand in for anyone who may have been abducted for the day. Don't worry I don't count on it happening very often. It deffo seems like Cretzal’s been kidnapped  :o I tried to write this in advance to the theme of a particular week but I didn’t and now I just feel pressured in saying something! Anything as long as it has the words stereotypes in it. What would the world be like without the word stereotype, stereotyping, or stereotyped! It can’t be. A new word will take its place. Besides I think you could look at it from any direction everyone will have a different opinion. Most are glad and wouldn’t like to deny who they’ve been “classified” as; they want a title, a group they think they belong to, and people they have things in common with. I think I’d be classified as half normal, in that stage where I can be majorly spazzy and then just a tad fantabby tastic, spaztastic ;) But then if I were to be compared with other people then I’d be the NORMAL one. NORMAL- wouldn’t you rather be weird, someone with a personality, classified as “unique!”

There’s also that huge bad gut feeling most people get when they think about the word stereotyping. The people who have been put into a category and hate it, get bullied, being called names. It’s one of the worst attract to being stereotyped. Do you really get a choice? Or even a say on what other people think or say about you. I guess I would tell those people: someone wise once told me that if you’re proud of whom you are, then what other people stereotype you as should keep you standing, head held high, because they have just described that person you’re happy to be, that person you’re proud of. Be yourself, because there is a 99.999...% chance that someone out in that big blue and green planet is just like you and loves who you are. If you can’t imagine it, then think bigger, the universe needs someone like you. Someone they can finally classify as UNIQUE! (For real this time).

That’s the END of this stereotypical week. Did you just see what I did there? Oh I forgot to mention that I'm not very funny on paper, soz... I think I got through my first post with a reasonably good amount of stuff- it was a bit like being on TV, except the going back and being able to change what you say... although I can’t think of what I could have said if I erase what I have said. Hmmm, the conundrum of having said utter rubbish.

I didn’t mention my sexuality, urm...well you can guess! I’ll just give you my opinion at the end of the week.

Lav xxx

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